Sunday, July 16, 2017

I have the blues....

Hi everyone, 

The blues I have are in the form of quilt blocks! Lol!
Here are the blocks I made so far.
Twelve plus blocks

Twenty four spool blocks. I hope to have 30 blocks by the end of the month. 

I also made some tiny 2 inch 9 patch blocks with crumbs. 

I decided to turn 4 of these blocks into pincushion. I added a 1.5 inch border to these to make these pincushion. I was inspired by Crazy Mom Quilts to make these. 

I filled these with crushed walnut shells. Two were machine quilted and two were hand quilted. 

I hope you like these. 

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Idaho Square Dance quilt progress

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all having a great weekend. 
I had a chance last night after work to lay out all my blocks for my Idaho Square Dance quilt designed by Bonnie K. Hunter.
I still have the corner units to make and the border.
But, I will be able to start sewing these blocks together as soon as I get the chance.
This is going to be a beautiful lap quilt.
I wanted to make it bigger, but I decided against it as I have other quilts I really want to make too. So, a lap quilt it will remain. This pattern is from Bonnie's latest book Addicted to Scraps. I love all of Bonnie's patterns and I really want to make several of the quilts from this book. I just love her scrappy style. 

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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Hand stitching kites

Hi everyone,

It's been another busy week for me. 
I haven't had time to do much sewing, but I continue to work on stuff a little bit at a time.
I'm almost done all the blocks for my Idaho square dance quilt. I will try to get a picture of the progress soon. 
I've also prepped some blue spool blocks for sewing as part of my July Rainbow Scrap Challenge. 

I have continued to work on my scrappy star blocks made from the kite shape. This is going to be a table runner for my formal dining table. I wanted something that reflected my scrappy style. I'm hand piecing these blocks. I'm not using papers or anything like that. I'm using a template that I trace around to cut all the pieces with scissors. Then I eyeball a 1/4 inch seam allowance as I hand stitch them together. It's very soothing to sew this way, and it's portable too. I just carry a ziplock bag with my supplies wherever I go. 

This is what I have sewn together so far. 

It has not been ironed yet, so it looks lumpy. But it's going to be gorgeous when it's all done. I haven't decided how long I'm going to make it yet. It will have at least 4 full stars, but I might make it five long. I'm not sure yet. 
I hope you like my scrappy start of my table runner. 

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Monday, July 3, 2017

What I have been working on....

Hi everyone, 

It's been super busy for me the last week. My mother-in-law moved in with us this week. It was a last minutes decision that was made on June 22. We had to pack and clean out her apartment, sell a bunch of stuff and get her set up at our house. She has not been well for a while now. So, I had a feeling this was going to happen soon. 

In between all this activity, I did give myself some me time to sew. A lot of the sewing was done at 4:00 am, because I couldn't sleep. I would get a bunch of sewing in before anyone else got up. It was a great stress reliever and allowed me to keep going during the day. 

First, I worked on my mini 3.5 inch spool blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2017. My goal for this project is to make 30 each month. But, I fell behind on some colours. But, I managed to make 30 yellow ones and 34 green ones. 

I also made some yellow plus blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2017. 

This weekend I decided to pull out a UFO to work on as well. I chose the Idaho Square Dance quilt by Bonnie K. Hunter. 
I had all the Idaho square dance blocks done. So I worked on the log cabin blocks. I got all those done. I just need to make the pieced setting triangle to make the centre of the quilt. 

I would have liked to lay these blocks out on the floor to take a picture. But my puppy thought it was a game and kept spreading the blocks everywhere. Oh well, next time. 

Well that's it for now. 


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Yellow blocks, phone stand and some hand stitching!

Hi everyone,

I have had a very interesting month so far.
I've had lots of stuff going on.

First off, I did finish my yellow Arkansas Crossroads blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2017. I love making these blocks. They are easy to make, and I love finding the scraps to put them together.

Then, I decided I needed to have an iphone/ipad mini stand. So, I looked online at all the tutorials out there. I didn't want mine to be exactly like these tutorials. I just wanted to have an idea of what worked. I made up my own pattern. I wanted something that could be made quickly and with strips of fabric. This is what I came up with.

I made the big grey one first. This was my first prototype. It worked okay. I found that the ledge to hold the iPad wasn't long enough. The iPad would slip sometimes. This one was made with scraps of twill fabric so I didn't use any interfacing. Because this one is so large I used some left over batting scraps to stuff it, as well as crushed walnut shells. 
The second one I made was the little orange one. I used quilting cotton on this one, without interfacing. I made the ledge longer. This was better. I filled it only with crushed walnut shells. This was also better. But, it needed interfacing as the crushed walnut shells discolored the fabric and it was also too small for my iPhone SE, which is the same size as an iPhone 5s. It would slide to the side all the time.

So, finally I got it right. The middle one is made of quilting cotton that has been backed with a light interfacing. It has the longer ledge. It is filled with only crushed walnut shells which gives it nice weight to hold a phone or iPad mini. It can hold my husbands Samsung s7 phone well without worrying it will fall over. 

After trying all these out, I realized that the larger size would be perfect for a standard iPad, as long as it was filled completely with crushed walnut shells, or some weighted pellets. It needs the longer ledge to work properly. But other than that its good. 

Then, I was a lucky winner in a challenge by Lorna of  Sew Fresh Quilts to make quilts for Canada's big bee. I made this quilt to donate to the Ronald MacDonald House. She sent me this wonderful charm pack by Robert Kaufman. I haven't made anything with it yet, but I will. It's beautiful fabric. Thanks so much Lorna!!!

Laurel Canyon by Studio RK
Laurel Canyon by Studio RK, Complete Collection

Then, I went on vacation with my husband to Cuba for a week. We had a wonderful vacation. I love going to Cuba. The people there are so friendly, and the beaches are amazing. I brought some hand stitching with me. It was so interesting to sew there. The people of Cuba have not had access to many fabrics. They don't quilt much or at all. I would be sewing while sitting in the lobby bar of the resort and the servers would all stop to ask what I was doing. I would show them the hand stitching and pictures on my phone of some of the quilts that I have made. They were all amazed.

This is the hand stitching I've been doing.
I'm making these with a kite shape. I'm turning them into triangles, then diamonds, then stars.
I love how these are coming along. 

Well, I think that's enough for one post. LOL!!

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Millefiori rosette #1 finished table top quilt

Hi everyone, 

I hope you are all doing well.

Today I finished my Millefiori Rosette #1 table top quilt.
Here it is.
I had fun doing the quilting on this one. 
I really love how this table topper turned out.
All the fabric for this quilt came from older stash. The fabric for the top is all Art Gallery Fabrics from early collections that I've had in my stash for years. I used a dark grey fabric for the binding. And for the backing, I used a Tanya Whelan fabric from the Grand revival collection called Darla. This is also an older collection. 
I really like this backing!
I hope you like it! 
Now this project is off my UFO list.

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Monday, June 5, 2017

My plus baby quilt is done!

Hi everyone, 

I hope you are all well. 

I finished my plus quilt. 
It's a baby quilt.
It measures 42x48 inches before being washed. 
I made the blocks in a rainbow of colours!
I started making these blocks as part of RSC 2017. 
Then a friend took in a young girl who was pregnant, so I decided to make this into a quilt right away. 
I'm still going to continue making these blocks for RSC 2017 though. 
The binding is scrappy in dark blues. 
I used really old stash for the backing. 
The quilting is a large loopy pattern. 
It turned out really well. 
I'm really happy with it. 
Hope you like it!

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Saturday, June 3, 2017

RSC 2017, week #22.....finishing up green

Hi everyone, 

I can't believe we are in June already! 
Time is just flying by, and I don't seem to be accomplishing as much as I would like. 

I fell behind on my green blocks for May. 
So I got my green Arkansas Crossroads blocks done yesterday. 


I decided to take a peak at how my blocks look all together so far.
 I really love these so far. 
This layout is perfect as it is. But I want a bed quilt. I'm wondering if I should make more blocks in each colour. I'm not sure yet. I could just mix the blocks so that the colours aren't linear, but more random. Either way, I love these blocks.

Onto making my yellow blocks!!

Monday, May 29, 2017

The hand-stitched surface, a book review

Hi everyone, 

I hope you had a great weekend.

Today, I'm sharing a little project I've been working on. 
I was asked to review a book, and thought why not. It includes hand embroidery, and love hand embroidery. 

The book is The hand-stitched surface by Lynn Krawczyk.
You can find this book here or in Canada here.

Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher. This review is my own opinion. I do not have affiliate links on this post. I'm not receiving any other compensation for this review. 


This book included 15 projects to embroider by hand on paper or fabric.
The photos in the book are beautiful. The instructions are clearly written and easy to understand for someone who is a beginner or advanced. This book is geared more towards the beginner though. The whole concept of this book is to do small embroidery projects by hand to relax and have some meditative quiet moments with needle and thread. Also, to have little portable projects to travel with you when you expect to sit in a car, or in a waiting room and you want a relaxing activity to do. 

In order to do a better review, I decided to try one of the projects in the book. The projects in this book are not my usual style. These projects are more artsy. But, I thought it would be a good way to expand my craft and to just have fun. I do love hand embroidery. 

I decided to make the Boho collage coaster. 
These looked really funky and fun. So I followed the instructions and started my own. I worked on mine for a few days and this is what I ended up with.
Mine is not quite as bright as the ones in the book. 
I used many ideas for the designs from the book and added some of my own as well. What I really like about this book, is that it shows you simple stitches, then gives examples on how to expand on them. 

As you can see in the image above, the book shows you the basics on how to do the stitch, then gives you ideas on how to make it better. I really loved that part. This allows you to really individualize your projects. 

I also decided to make another project of my own design, using the stitches provided in the book. 
I made a crazy quilt block needle keeper and added embroidery. I used the same colour of thread for all the embroidery on this project. 

Here are a few more projects included in the book.
These are beautiful stitched buttons.
This paper craft is very interesting and I think would make a great card as well.
This stamped and stitched book ribbon is super cute. I love how they styled it in this photo. It would make a cute decore in your craft room. 

I really enjoyed this book. It was interesting to try a project that's not my normal go to project. But, it was fun for me. I really like the embroidered buttons and I think I may make a few of those too. It is a beautiful book, with projects that are more boho style. It's beginner friendly. Some people may think it's too basic if they have a lot of embroidery experience. I think the projects in the book are a good base for you to branch out and make things in your personal style using the ideas provided. If you are a paper crafter, this will help you to add that thread in you stash to enhance your projects. Another thing that I like is that she encourages you not to be perfect, but to be more random with size and colour. I think that makes the project more interesting. 

So that's it. I hope you enjoyed my review, and the projects I made from the book.

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

A pincushion and needle case

Hi everyone, 

I hope you are well. I wanted to share the swap items I sent to Bea of Beaquilter . She is the one who organized this swap. Thanks so much Bea!  

Here's the pincushion I made for her.
I added some hand stitching to this one. I really like the effect it makes. It's filled with crushed walnut shells. 
I also made her a needle case and handmade card.
I enjoyed making these! 
I hope you like them too!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A plus quilt for baby.... in progress

Hi everyone,

I designed a little baby quilt to use some of the RSC2017 plus blocks I've been making. 

This baby quilt I'm donating to a young woman who is expecting her first child. This girl is 17 years old and was kicked out of her home when her parents found out she was pregnant. None of her family would take her in. One of my coworkers has a daughter in the same class, and offered to take her in. She's been with my coworkers family for six months now and is doing really well. When I heard this story it saddened me so much. I'm glad she is in a safe place now, with a good family to take care of her. I wanted to do my part and make a quilt for her baby. I had a teen pregnancy too. I ended up getting married at 18 years old. I had met the most amazing man, and I'm still married to him today, 21 years later. But it was hard, and a lot of people judged me harshly. I remember all those things that happened. I was fortunate to have family support. Even though they were not impressed with me, they still stood by me. 
I could not imagine being abandoned by my family. It would be devastating for this girl, at a time when she must feel like her life is falling apart. Making a quilt for her is my gift to help her in these challenging times. Many of my coworkers have donated items like cribs, clothing, strollers, and diapers. I'm always so impressed with the generosity of the people I work with. 

I would have gotten this quilt top done today, but my iron died. Ughhhhh! I'll have to go buy a new one tomorrow. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

RSC 2017, week #19 - green

Hi everyone,

I did make some progress on my green blocks.

Here's what I got done this week.

I made 13 green, 3 1/2 inch spool blocks. My goal is to have 30 made.

I also made 6, 6 1/2 inch plus blocks. I using these on more than one project. So, more of these are going to be made too.
I'm having fun with these blocks. I hope you had time to sew on your green blocks too.

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

A few placemats

Hi everyone, 

Today I made a few placemats as a gift for my Mom for Mother's Day. 
She loves placemats and uses them all the time. I've made her some before, but that was quite a few years ago. I had looked on Pinterest for ideas and chose to do them as courthouse steps blocks. I used 2 inch strips to make these, and batting scraps. 

The backing fabric is one that my Mom had given to me a few years ago. I thought it was perfect for these. I knew that she would like the back as much as the front.
These two placemats were part of the package I'd put together for her for Mother's Day. 
I'm working all weekend 12 hour shifts. So, I gave it to her this evening. 

She loved it! She always loves the things I make for her. She has them displayed all over the house. Lol! My dad really loved these placemats too. My Mom reminded him that these were part of her gift. Haha! They are so cute. I told them, I would make a few more to add to their set. My Dad was happy to hear that. Lol! 
It's a simple gift, but I know they appreciate it! 

My daughter took me out for dinner tonight to celebrate Mother's Day. And my oldest son was able to join us when he got off work. That was so nice. My two boys got themselves an apartment and are moving out at the beginning of June. I'm happy for them, but I'm sad too that I won't see them everyday. You know, even if they've been doing there own things and weren't spending much time at home, it was nice to just hear them come in the door. They would sit with me a few minutes and talk about their day. Or just run in to pick something up and be off again. But I knew they were okay and it made me feel good. Now they want to be on their own. It's hard for me to let them go, even though I know it's the right time, and good for them to learn about life. Oh well, kids grow up so fast. By the end of August I won't have any kids at home as my daughter will be going away to university. I guess I'll have to quilt a lot to get over missing them. 

Friday, May 5, 2017

RSC 2017, week 18, multi-coloured block catch-up

Hi everyone, 

Since I didn't have a chance to make any multi coloured fabric blocks in April, I took this first week in May to catch-up. 

I made these four blocks to add to my collection. 
I really love how these Arkansas Crossroads blocks turned out. They almost have a watercolour quilt effect. 

When I was looking for multi coloured fabric, I dug deep into my big scrap bin that hadn't been sorted yet. I found this little sandwich bag of older Art Gallery Fabric scraps. Leftovers from this quilt. 

These scraps were already cut to 2 1/2 inch strips. So I used these in the above blocks and to make plus blocks. 

Then, I took the smaller pieces and made my 3.5 inch spool blocks. 

I had cut some spool blocks out of aqua/teal fabric that were never sewn together. So I finished those too. 
I have started cutting out some of the green blocks too. I should have some to share next week. I'm just glad I'm caught up with these. Honestly, it was quite therapeutic to just sew blocks for fun. No pressure, no deadline. Love the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Go visit the others participating in this challenge here.

 I almost forgot to share my April quilting spending totals. I did really well. I spent $42.89! 
That's hardly anything at all. 3 fat quarters, a half metre cut and a new rotary cutting blade. My total quilting spending for the year is now $338.29! I removed the cost of my $400.00 sewing machine that I got for my birthday. The sewing machine is a long term investment, while the others are items that will be used up. Not bad though, I'm happy with my progress. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My Scrappy Sampler Quilt is a flimsy!

I'm so glad to finally share this finished quilt top. Considering I designed this in March of this year and I have a top done is pretty good for me. I have about 20 quilt designs that I've never made into quilts yet. 
This quilt is bigger than I have thought it would be. I really like the size. I love big quilts. It's definitely a bed quilt and will make a great twin size quilt with lots of overhang for today's thick mattresses. 
Here's a photo that I took in the morning with more daylight. 

I've been working night shifts this week. I don't work nights very often as I'm usually able to find someone to switch with. But not this week. It a lot more effort for me to get it done, since I was so tired. I was in a time crunch to finish this for Wednesday's guild meeting. I'm introducing this quilt as next years BOM. I won't have it quilted by Wednesday, but that's okay. 

I hope you like it. 
I've put in a lot of hours on this one, from making the design to writing instructions. Wow it's a lot of work! 


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sampler quilt progress

Hi everyone, 

I managed to get two borders on my Sampler quilt the last few days. 
There are a lot of pieces. But I love the look of it. 
I'm working on the side borders now too. It's going to be a nice twin size quilt when it's done. I can't wait to have it finished. 
I have so many projects and other things going on right now. I've been busy.  
I decided not to do two versions for our guild BOM. It's just too much. I think this pattern is very nice and will do the trick. I'm excited to have made that decision. I know that it's the right one. 


Sunday, April 23, 2017

Napanee Heritage Quilt Show

Hi everyone, 

On Saturday, I attended the Napanee Heritage Quilt Guild Show with my daughter. 
We had a great time! 
I took a few photos. I wish I had taken more. But you know how it is, I get distracted by all the beautiful quilts and forget to take a picture. Lol!

My favourite quilt of the show was this 365 Challenge Quilt. 
The piecing was amazing and the quilting was perfect. It was not overly quilted. Which I loved. 

I loved this fancy forest quilt. It was adorable!!

This Cosmos quilt was beautiful and so well quilted!!

This wall hanging was gorgeous!! I really loved it! It's called the Dance of the Dragonflies. 

The next few quilts are scrappy quilts that were in the community quilts section. This group makes donation quilts for various organizations!! I really loved these. 

The squares in this quilt top are 2.5 inches. Crazy awesome string quilt. 
Hope you like the photos I shared!